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In our quest to prepare passionate servant leaders, EBBI is committed to the principle that passion and skill are developed both through study and experience. Therefore we seek to give students as wide a range of experiences as possible during their years at EBBI. Every Christian has gifts that may be used for the benefit of the Body of Christ, the church, but these gifts are discovered and developed through selfless service.

I. Local Church Ministry for Freshmen

New students are not required to have a Christian Service assignment. They are, however, expected to choose a local church home and begin to get involved. The pastor or EBBI Administrator are available to consult as to areas of potential ministry.

II. Local Church Ministry for Returning Students

Returning students are required to have at least one church ministry. This may include one or more of the following:

  • Sunday School Teacher

  • Sunday School Superintendent

  • Driver

  • Song leader

  • Choir member

  • Orchestra member

  • Usher Teller

  • Nursery worker

  • Calling program volunteer

  • Children’s worker Greeter

  • And more

III. EBBI Based Ministries for All Students

  • Weekly cleaning duties on campus

  • Traveling team to represent EBBI in churches

  • Occasional preaching or Pulpit supply

  • Music team

  • Acts of kindness ministries

  • And more

IV. Internship Requirements for 2nd and 3rd Year Students Only

All students are required to serve on a ministry internship for at least six weeks, and preferably one summer. Generally it is expected that after the Sophomore or Junior year the student will seek out and receive approval for an internship of interest to him or her.

Men are encouraged to seek internships in a local church or a church planting ministry, under the leadership of a mentoring pastor. This may be done in Canada, the USA, or in a missions context.

Women are encouraged to seek internships with a Christian leader or missionary who can provide mentoring in roles other than pastoral. This may include evangelism, teaching, camps, office or support needs, etc.

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