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Married Students

Married students will find EBBI attractive for a variety of reasons.

  1. In terms of housing, there are many options for renting or buying within a few minutes drive of the school. Rent for a 2-bedroom apartment will range from $800 and up. The market for houses is strong in Moncton, with new construction all the time. Interest rates are still low, so purchasing is an attractive option. Families should plan on about $1,000 per month when they are budgeting for combined rent/mortgage and utilities costs.

2. In terms of work, the Moncton area offers many good options for employment. Since there are other colleges & universities in town, employers are familiar with student needs and are usually willing to be flexible in allowing the student to have mornings for attending classes.

3. In terms of family, EBBI offers free classes to the spouse of any full-time student. They have the option of taking one class or all classes. They may also choose to audit or take the class for credit. The only cost involved is a $40 per-semester registration fee, plus the cost of books.

4. In terms of church, each family member will find warm fellowship and opportunities for service in the area Independent Baptist churches. EBBI is housed in the facilities of Emmanuel Baptist Church, but students are welcome to attend and participate in any one of four area churches within a 20 minute drive of the school.

5. In terms of language skills, the student & their family can develop both English and French abilities. The Moncton area is bilingual, with about 40% French (particularly in Dieppe) and 60% English (particularly in Riverview). Area schools offer French immersion classes for Anglophones or elementary and upper level French environments for Francophones who wish their children to continue in French.

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