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A Word To Prospective Students

God has answered years of prayer by bringing Emmanuel Baptist Bible Institute into existence. We are a new school, wanting to grow under God’s guidance. If you are seeking His will for your education, we would be pleased for you to consider EBBI.

Why should you consider coming here?

The following are some advantages we have to offer you:

  1. We emphasize the Bible!  This school was founded in order to provide students with a more in-depth Bible education. So, if you are serious about wanting Bible, you should consider EBBI.

  2. We emphasize career ministry! Our goal is to produce men and women who are equipped for ministry. So, if you are serious about wanting to be a pastor, youth worker, missionary, etc., you should consider EBBI.

  3. We emphasize ministry in the Canadian Maritimes! We are praying the Lord of the Harvest to provide the people necessary for growing His church in Canada, particularly in the Maritimes. So, if your heart is in Canada, you should consider EBBI.

  4. We offer low-cost, quality education! Virtually no other school in Canada or the USA can offer an education at the price we offer. But more than low cost, we offer training at a level comparable to schools of much larger size. So, if you want a good education, and cost is a factor, you should consider EBBI.

  5. We offer individual attention. Since we are a new school with a smaller student body (under 25) we can provide personalized attention. So, if you want to build strong relationships and grow as a person, you should consider EBBI.

  6. We offer something different. We offer a church family that cares, and leadership that is committed to helping you mature in wisdom and in service according to Biblical guidelines. So, if you love the Lord and want to serve Him, you are invited to consider EBBI.

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