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Library & Internet


The EBBI library contains about 8,000 volumes. Student access to the library is in accord with the following guidelines:

  1. Students may use the library from 7 am to 10 pm provided an authorized person is available to open and close the building.

  2. Library books may be checked out with the aid of a librarian.

  3. In the absence of a librarian, students are permitted to check out books on a sign-out basis.

  4. Some books are loaned to the library from personal collections. These are marked with a dot, and may not be taken out of the library.

  5. Students are encouraged to recommend books that they believe would be good for the library to purchase.

  6. Please be aware that donations of books, or finances to buy books, are gladly accepted by the library.

  7. Use of the library computers and printers are free to students.


The EBBI library, classrooms, and student lounge comprise a wireless internet zone which is available free to students.

  1. Students are expected to sign an internet usage agreement at the beginning of the school year, and maintain a high ethical standard in their usage throughout their years at EBBI.

  2. Be aware that the administration may have monitoring tools, and also has the right to check usage history on a student’s computer.

  3. Students may use a computer in class as long as he or she is not surfing the net instead of focusing on class materials.

  4. There is a network printer for students to access.

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